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The Winslow Paint Out was such a fun experience. Artists, art lovers, and the community came together to celebrate historical downtown Winslow on Bainbridge Island. We were encouraged to paint buildings of historical relevance, and there are many in the community. As I drove around, mid-morning looking for inspiration, dappled sunlight lit the front of a charming white building on Madison Avenue--home of the original doctor's clinic on Bainbridge Island. I HAD to try to capture the moment! This was a challenge to mix and match all the different shades of white--getting the "temperature" right. Cool in the shadows, warm in the sun. I was pleased with the final result. Apparently, others were pleased as well. I was honored to receive the "People's Choice" award. Thank you Peoples! (For more photos of the event go to Winslow Art Center on Instagram).

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