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Art Sale Carnival

The Blackbird Bakery opening was a fun event. My husband and two kiddos were a great help, setting up, serving drinks and just being there to support me. My daughter Natalie made all the flyers and labels and table display-- she is a talent in her own right. My friend Katrina helped hang the artwork the night before. I appreciated the emails and texts of support from those of you out of town. And it was so fun to visit with all the friends and art-admirers who came to the show. I have since met more art appreciators over the past few weeks and have even sold some paintings. So a big thank-you to everyone on my team including the bakery owners, Heidi & Jeff. You make it all worth it! As mentioned in the last post, I now have all of the work in the website gallery for you to view. Anything with a price under it is available for purchase. All the oil paintings are framed in my signature brushed gold floater frame and the gouache are in a rustic wood/ivory mat frame. (I do apologize for the photography of the works--trying to improve in this area. They look better in real life, especially the little gouache works). If you have any questions or comments please get in touch anytime. The paintings will be on display at the bakery through August. Thank you again for your continued support! Gigi

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