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20 x 24

I have been very fortunate to take many classes from Darrell Anderson. Not only is Darrell a gifted artist, he is first and foremost a passionate and generous teacher. We eager students show up to his lessons (at Winslow Art Center), wondering what (and how) he will share with us each day. The studio might be set up with his own paintings, other artists works, models, still-life displays, i-Pad streamed demos to a large screen tv that he has hauled in, movies of well-known or obscure artists he has followed online... He is such a curious learner himself and he shares all of his gleanings and insights and knowledge and know-how with pure generosity. We cherish his anecdotal stories, humor, criticisms, and encouragements. My mind is abuzz with the varied lessons pushing us to observe and explore value, color temperatures, composition, underpainting approaches, canvas sizes, shadow patterns, light movement.... this painting, to me, represents the culmination to date of all of these lessons with Darrell. I call it "Joy"!

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