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The Artist's Process: A Student Art Show

Updated: Mar 24

I have been teaching painting to adults through Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation for about two years. The students have varying levels of experience, however, they each bring a unique perspective and style. Personally, I have learned a lot about my own art through teaching. As a way to honor the students and this experience, I have organized a show at our well regarded public library. Student paintings will be on display for the month of April. The show includes works at different stages, experimental sketches, color charts, information about the steps in making a painting--it's all about the process. Art is more than the final product. Facing and overcoming challenges promotes growth. We hope you can join us at the opening reception on Friday, April 5th, 5-7pm. Stop by for a drink and light refreshments, and to meet the talented artists. Prepare to be inspired! Thanks for your support in art.

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