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A Suggestion of Possibility

The process of creating art and experiencing art can be healing, especially during troubling times. I am grateful for art on so many levels. My show at Blackbird Bakery was quite a revealing experience--over the span of two months I connected with many people and fully appreciate the power of art. People of all varieties and ages, from various locations, reached out and were genuinely excited or touched by something about the art. Stories were shared, friendships were made, and paintings were delivered to smiling eyes (above a mask). A recent blog post by artist Carolyn Anderson addresses steps to take when beginning a painting. She says it should begin as "a suggestion of possibility, not a coloring book page of predictability". To me, art in general is a suggestion of possibility--it inspires hope and good things to come. Hang in there, and thank you for supporting my art--believe me when I say the pleasure is all mine.

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