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Channeling Bongart

12 x 16 Many artists have inspired my painting journey, but Sergei Bongart is one of the tops. I have always loved his loose masterful brush strokes, harmonious compositions, and gorgeous use of color. Alas, I never met him. but I have been fortunate to learn from some of his "students"--accomplished artists in their own right. (Click on his name above and HERE to learn more and see some of his works). One day our art group met at my house and we set up a juicy still-life outside on the porch, modeled after one in my Bongart book. His had a lobster in it. I had found this perfect, charming, (deceased) crab on the beach, as well as the driftwood log. My friends brought glorious hydrangeas from their gardens. We added a sumptuous bottle of red wine, an old milk pail, and voila!

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