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Happy Accident

10 x 10 I was painting at the Winslow Art Center on Valentine's Day, attending one of Darrell Anderson's classes. He had set up a couple still-life arrangements and we were all in our joy-mode, including the instructor--painting away. My little painting was really coming together, looking sweet, good colors, composition, brush-work. Darrell sides up to my easel and puts his painting on the tray and looks at me and says "trade ya". I wasn't sure what he meant, but sure enough he wanted to give me his painting in exchange for mine. Now this does not happen everyday--the teacher wanting my painting. He really liked it. Well I was honored, (not to mention that I also loved what he was working on and wanted to have his painting too--click on his name above to see the daisy painting involved in this trade). At the end of the day I told him I wanted to take mine home and do any finishing touches and I would bring it back next week to give to him. Fine, all good. Well, I get home and I'm unloading the car and NO PAINTING....Hmmm. Turns out I set it on the roof of the car to load up all my gear and.....Yikes. I hurried the FIVE miles back to the art center, retraced my path and found the painting face down in the middle of the rain-covered road several blocks away! The result is what you are looking at now. (plus the back has a few tire tread marks). No it wasn't meant to look like pointillism. Unfortunately I don't have a "before" photo, but it looked like the usual style of my paintings. After surveying many art-appreciators, including Darrell, the consensus was to leave it as it is. Gravel and all. Darrell still wants to trade!

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