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Aesthetic Inquiry

9 x 12 Gouache and marker on paper.

I recently came across a short article (in some random beauty magazine at the hair salon) about a well-established (abstract expressionist style) painter, Cecily Brown and her solo show at The Drawing Center in New York. As part of her art process she "reworks motifs" from a "wide-reaching arsenal of source material", including famous historical paintings, draftsman prints, animal clip-art books, and a Jimi Hendrix album cover. The article says the "drawings are not studies for her paintings but rather a distinct form of aesthetic inquiry" that she "renders again and again in her own hand". I know many artists have done this type of "copying", but if you look at her drawings, then her paintings, you can really sense the the evolution that lead to her very appealing personal style. This is my attempt at making a Degas my own. It is very freeing, done quickly--try it!

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