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Pumpkins and Gouache

9 x 12

Our instructor has been encouraging us to use a medium called gouache (rhymes with "squash") vs oil paint for ease of travel. It is basically a water-based paint with a binding agent ground into it for opacity. This allows a layering effect that can somewhat mimic the use of oils. Watercolor paints are more transparent and, in my opinion, less forgiving when it comes to covering things up. Gouache dries quickly, and has a chalkiness to it that can be....let's say, not as rewarding to work with as the juiciness of oil paints. Either way, faced with the challenge, I'm determined to make it work like oils!. I feel like I met the challenge in this painting, using the watery underpainting and then building up the color (after MANY layers). Whew! Fall is in the air for sure.

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