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Welcome to my new website!

Here it is the last day of January, but I did it! With many thanks to my children, Natalie and Oliver, I am now the proud parent of this beautiful website. I'm so happy to have an organized efficient way to interact with artists and art lovers. Expressing myself in a creative way has been my lifelong therapy and I hope to share this joy and learn from others on this new adventure. I've put photos of my paintings in the gallery in chronological (therefore experience) order from oldest to most recent (being at the top), covering a span of about two years. All are done in oil paints unless otherwise noted. Some of the works were done at our local art center, some on location (plein air), and some in my home studio. I hope you enjoy!

Carmel Flowers (gouache on paper, 3 x 3)

Gouache on paper.  3x3
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