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Blackbird Bakery Art Show

I am honored to be showing my paintings at our local Blackbird Bakery for the month of July. Owners Heidi and Jeff are taking all the right precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy, all while serving up fantastic coffee, tea, muffins, scones, cakes and more! Stop by and support our local businesses. You can view my current show while you wait. I thank my daughter Natalie for making the pictured postcard, announcing the show. I also thank my talented design friend and art supporter, Katrina, for her help in curating and hanging the works, masks and all. We had a little fun. I thank all of my blog readers for continuing to be there through it all--it means a LOT! P.S. Check my website gallery for the latest available works that are in the show.

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2 commentaires

Frances Galvin
18 sept. 2020

Beautiful Gigi! Lovely to see your style goes on ... I still have the going away card you gave me many years ago! Hope to visit and see these gorgeous paintings in real life ..... when real life happens again...


Membre inconnu
04 juil. 2020

Beautiful work, Gigi!

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