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Journal Archive

October 4, 2019

Fall is in the air awakening our senses-- clear crisp scented breezes, colorful eye-catching leaves, and the caw-caw-cawing of crows announcing the arrival of the regal season.  If you love crows as much as I do, stop by Danger tomorrow night between 6-8pm for a glass of wine and a sweet "Crow Show".  This beautiful store on Bainbridge Island has an abundance of art, jewelry, home decor, and gifts---something for everyone.  I am fortunate to be showing three crow paintings there for the month of October.  Hope to see you!  Happy Fall.

September 13, 2019

The Winslow Paint Out was such a fun experience.  Artists, art lovers, and the community came together to celebrate historical downtown Winslow on Bainbridge Island.  We were encouraged to paint buildings of historical relevance, and there are many in the community.  As I drove around, mid-morning looking for inspiration, dappled sunlight lit the front of a charming white building on Madison Avenue--home of the original doctor's clinic on Bainbridge Island. I HAD to try to capture the moment!  This was a challenge to mix and match all the different shades of white--getting the "temperature" right.  Cool in the shadows, warm in the sun.  I was pleased with the final result.  Apparently, others were pleased as well.  I was honored to receive the "People's Choice" award.  Thank you Peoples!  (For more photos of the event go to Winslow Art Center on Instagram).

September 2, 2019

Join us at the annual Winslow Paint Out this coming Friday-Sunday, September 6,7, and 8th.  Martha Jordan, owner of the Winslow Art Center hosts this festive event in downtown Winslow, here on Bainbridge Island.  If you're in the area, there are many opportunities over three days to create art, observe professional demos, and even purchase original art.  In the evenings there will be wine receptions where you can view the works created each day by over 50 artists of all levels.  On Sunday there will be judging and prizes. This year includes a collaboration with the local historic museum.  Click here for all the details.  Hope to see you there.

August 27, 2019

Wow, it's the end of August already!  I realize that I haven't posted a journal entry in awhile--all good because that means I've been too busy painting. I feel busy as a bee with art this year--some gouache, some plein air oils, marker sketching on location, and most recently "pochade".  Pronounced "PO-SHOD", it basically is a french term for a rough or quickly executed sketch or study.  I've been wanting to paint more spontaneously without all the equipment and planning---at home or on location.  So I found a little pochade box just for this purpose.  Everything I need fits into a small tote bag.  The paintings are a mere 6 x 8, which can be challenging to paint so small.  But on a whim I can get painting quickly.  Follow me on instagram @gigi.godfrey to see more summer works.  Enjoy the sunshine.  Thanks for your love of art.

June 12, 2019

The Art Show Reception was so much fun.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by--family, friends, library staff, and community art lovers!  I enjoyed meeting new people of all ages, and discussing art, books, wine, and the octopus. What more can a person ask for! Thank you again to the library for hosting this vibrant monthly event.  I have updated my online gallery with all of the works at the show.  I hope you will take a minute to do your own gallery walk here on my website.  Thanks again for your interest and support. (PS If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings, the price listed includes frame and shipping.  And, 25% of sales will support the public library).

June 4, 2019

If you're in the neighborhood, join the ever-popular Art Walk on Bainbridge Island this Friday, June 7th.  My art show reception will be at the library from 5-7 pm.  The library and community have been so generous in support of local artists. The Island Wanderer and

Bainbridge Community Broadcasting have both helped in promoting my show.  (Click on each for their works).  Much appreciation to my daughter Natalie and my good friend Katrina for their talents and skills in hanging the works!  My husband Wayne will be providing some good wine at the opening--hope to see you there.  I couldn't do it without the many facets of support--sincere gratitude!

April 10, 2019

While my last journal was about the unusual snowstorm that struck the Seattle area--our March was one of the driest on record!  Mother Nature is In A MOOD and we are so lucky to bear witness to the beauty. Spring green buds are everywhere, cherry trees are already "snowing" with tiny heart-shaped petals, the birds are rehearsing their symphony!   This painting was done in a fun workshop with Darrell Anderson at the Winslow Art Center.  In addition, our art group has already been outdoor painting en plein air.  We are "tuning up" to get back in shape for the rigorous sport of painting on location! Thanks for being a fan!

February 26, 2019

16 x 20  We just survived the snowiest February in 70 years here in the Seattle area.  Over 20 inches within about a week!  Seattle normally averages 0.7 inches of snow in February--and 5 inches total per year! This was crazy! There were power outages caused by branches breaking under the sheer weight of the snow.  For several days, the entire city came to a standstill.  Which was kind of magical, really.  This sweet painting was born out of a snow day memory made right here in my yard on Bainbridge Island.  A spontaneous playdate between two neighbors, Evelyn and Clarence. Keep warm and cozy out there.

January 11, 2019

Happy New Year to All.  This little painting was done on a fun art weekend getaway to Fort Worden in Port Townsend.  We rented the Commander's House  and painted the sights.  One cold day we set up indoors. The six-bedroom Victorian house had been beautifully restored and offered many charming painting inspirations.  This resplendent teapot with glorious reflections won me over. Cheers to a good 2019.  Thanks for your support in art.

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